Technical Overview

The Diagonal Lock is designed as an alternative to a traditional flight of locks, connecting the canal at the summit of an incline to the canal at the base. The concept is based on the construction of a watertight, concrete tube built on the incline - allowing boats to float securely inside the tube as the water level is varied via a system of pumps.

The proposed design is inherently simple, consisting of 4 key components - click the links below for details.

Overview : Floating Bollard > Lock Tube > Side Pounds > Bottom Gate

Diagonal Lock - Technical Overview

The Diagonal Lock - Overview

  • Narrow boats access the summit via a traditional lock gate.
  • The boats enter the lock tube and are secured to the floating bollard.
  • Engines are turned off, and boaters can then disembark if they wish.
  • The water is pumped out of the lock tube into side pounds, enabling the boats to descend into the tube.
  • When the boats reach the base of the lock tube, the bottom gate is opened.
  • Boaters embark at the base, the boats are untied from the floating bollard and can continue their journey on the canal.
  • The process is reversed for boats ascending from the base to the summit.

Commercial & Technical Viability

The Diagonal Lock technology has been assessed by various technical and research organisations, resulting in the following conclusions:

A Solution for Moving Freight

A Solution for Moving Freight
A Solution for Leisure & Tourism

A Solution for Leisure & Tourism