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The UK has over 2000 miles of canals and rivers, winding through scenic countryside and offering access to many town and city centres. Boat ownership in the UK is on the increase, and hire companies are gaining more business as many people shun expensive foreign holidays and the inevitable hassle which now comes with flying abroad.

Both the private sector and government recognise the potential of the UK's inland waterways, this can be seen in the proliferation of waterside developments and marinas. The anticipated effect of this development is an expansion of the tourism industry on inland waterways, bringing much needed investment into the waterways network.


Significant increases in traffic will however bring new challenges, particularly for popular canals where bottlenecks can happen, and in regions with limited water supplies. Given that the peak season for tourism is in the summer months - when long, dry spells can cause existing lock flights to be closed due to water shortages - extra traffic will only intensify these problems.

It is imperitave to address weaknesses in the waterways system to enable the tourism industry to fully exploit the waterways network and show it at its best.

Busy Canal
Diagonal Lock - Marina

Implementation of the Diagonal Lock technology on key points of the waterways can address these issues, offering a sustainable and ecologically robust solution to manage high levels of waterways traffic, and the ability to operate independently of variable water levels in the surrounding environment.

In addition to the practical benefits, the Diagonal Lock also has the potential to be a tourist attraction, attracting visitors all year round and generating spin-off revenue for businesses in the surrounding area.

The Falkirk Wheel in Scotland has proved itself to be a successful tourist attraction, and the Diagonal Lock can replicate this success, promoting British innovation to a national and international audience.

The simulation below shows 2 boats descending into a marina via the Diagonal Lock:

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