A Solution for Moving Freight

Increasing demands on the transport network has created a need for continual development and investment in the transport infrastructure. This is particularly important for the freight industry, which is dealing with increasing fuel costs and lengthy delays on congested motorways.

The UK canal network was originally designed for moving freight between cities and towns, and recent analysis has indicated that with a degree of investment the inland waterways could become an efficient and preferable option to freight carriers in the 21st century.

Motorway Traffic

Freight transported onto the canal via the Diagonal Lock

Re-establishing the UK canal and river navigation network as the preferred method for transporting freight will significantly reduce freight on the motorways network - restoring and expanding our network of waterways must therefore lie at the heart of a truly sustainable, integrated transportation system.

The Diagonal Lock can be a key component in future waterways development, as an ideal solution for the most heavily used waterways:

  • Faster transit times - making the canals more usable for commercial traffic
  • Capacity for larger boats - enabling widebeam boats to use the waterways network
  • Re-use of water enables continual operation, even in environments with limited water supplies.

The simulation below shows freight being loaded onto a barge and taken onto the canal via the Diagonal Lock

Supporting Information