Diagonal Lock Advisory Group

The Diagonal Lock Advisory Group consists of dedicated and hardworking professionals who have a personal or professional interest in the development and enhancement of the waterways, and the development of innovative technology with a view to creating exciting job opportunities.

Inventor of the Diagonal Lock & Managing Director: Fogarty Castings Ltd

Terry is the inventor of the Diagonal Lock and has invested much time and resource into the technology. On successful completion of his initial feasability studies, Terry patented the technology as "The System & Method for Hydraulic Displacement".

Drawing on his extensive experience as a businessman and political activist, Terry formed the Diagonal Lock Advisory Group and continues to manage the strategic evolution of the Diagonal Lock.

Terry Fogarty

Terry Fogarty

Managing Director: Battus Associates

Phil’s commercial and technical expertise in waterways development has been essential to the progress of the Diagonal Lock project.

The technical research carried out by Phil has given the Diagonal Lock team a solid basis on which we can build. Phil’s knowledge and professionalism is greatly appreciated by the Diagonal Lock team.

Phil Sharp

Phil Sharp

MP for Meriden and former Secretary of State for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Having over 10 years experience as an MP, Caroline is well-positioned to advise the Diagonal Lock team on how to advance the Diagonal Lock project within the political arena.

Caroline's vision and desire to see British innovation succeed is an exceptional asset for the Diagonal Lock Advisory Group, her ongoing support of the project is highly valued by Terry.

Caroline Spelman

Caroline Spelman MP

Managing Director: Roger Herrington & Associates

Roger is an experienced Management Consultant with specialist knowledge in canal regeneration and development. Having over 20 years experience both in private and public sectors, and previously as a manager within British Waterways, Roger's breadth of knowledge is an extremely valuable asset.

The Diagonal Lock Advisory Group is pleased to have a progressive and productive partnership with Roger Herrington & Associates.

Roger Herrington

Roger Herrington

Specialist Product Innovation Advisor, Manufacturing Advisory Service (West Midlands)

The initial support and involvement of Roy enabled students of Coventry University to take up the concept as part of an engineering project, effectively helping to produce a 3d model and develop a feasibility study.

Roy has over 25 years experience in operational management, and his knowledge of running a business within the manufacturing industry has enabled him to provide specialist advice to Terry and the team.

Roy Pulley

Roy Pulley

Managing Director: Sherborne Wharf

Earle is Managing Director of Sherborne Wharf in central Birmingham, offering leisure boating facilities for tourists and corporate / private parties.

Earle's extensive knowledge of the leisure boating industry and his 40 years of commercial expertise is a great asset to the Advisory Group, his support illustrates the appeal of the Diagonal Lock technology to the waterways leisure industry.

Earle Wightman

Earle Wightman

Senior Lecturer, Coventry University

Mike is a qualified electronic engineer, specialising in the design of electronic systems for severe environment applications. As a lecturer of 20 years, Mike's wealth of knowledge in engineering spans electronics, dynamics and statics, thermofluids and time reduction technologies.

His initial involvement began as a project supervisor to a team of students studying the Diagonal Lock as part of their Masters degree. Mike's continued advice and expertise is of great help to the group.

Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis

Technical Head of the British Boating Federation & Managing Director: Tayman Services

As a long-standing member of the British Boating Federation, Graham's knowledge and technical expertise has been invaluable.

Graham's practical advice and support has been of great value to the Diagonal Lock team, and his involvement has led to the identification of some potential locations for the first Diagonal Lock, enhancing the focus and strategy of the project.

Graham Freeman

Graham Freeman